Food Justice Fortnight 2024

We are thrilled to be hosting another round of Food Justice Fortnight in Bristol this summer! Along with our fantastic partner organisations, we’ve organised a whole range of events and activities to celebrate the amazing communities and organisations that are paving the way for a city of Food Justice. This year, we’ll be embracing the theme of ‘sharing our food stories’ – we’re really looking forward to hearing yours! 

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Sharing our food stories  

An important part of Food Justice Fortnight is bringing people together, and by sharing our food stories we can create stronger connections through the power of storytelling. It also helps remind us of the way food can nurture a sense of identity and belonging – something that we want to encourage and celebrate in Bristol.   

A food story can belong to anyone, and it can be shared in endless ways! It could belong to a person, a community, a family, an organisation, a group of friends or a whole country, and it can be shared through words, food, pictures, music, art, dance, or any other way. By sharing and listening to each other’s stories, we can remind ourselves that food is part of what makes us human and how it’s a language that we all have the right to speak.   

Want to share a food story with us ahead of the events? Email 

What is Food Justice Fortnight?  

Food Justice Fortnight is a series of summer events hosted by Feeding Bristol and its fantastic partner organisations.  

What do we hope to achieve?  Our aims are to…   

  • celebrate communities and showcase the work happening to champion Food Justice in Bristol  
  • make space for important conversations about Food Justice  
  • connect individuals, organisations, and communities to help build the city’s food resilience  

Along with our fantastic co-hosts, we put on an array of events all over Bristol; expect supper clubs, workshops, panel discussions, strategic meetings, food skills activities and a lot of shared meals!  

Want to get involved? Email to talk about supporting us!