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Inclusive grantmaking in the city

Bristol Local Food Fund (BLFF) is supported by Feeding Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation. It is a great example of food justice in action, and Feeding Bristol is proud to be one of its strategic partners.

In late 2022, after raising £60,000 in a city-wide fundraising campaign, the BLFF established a participatory grantmaking process and awarded funding through a ‘Citizens Panel’ made up of individuals with lived experience of food insecurity.

The Panel awarded funding to 18 community food projects that are working to support food justice. The projects received their funds in early 2023 and delivered their work throughout that year.

Community food projects have been bringing neighbourhoods in Bristol together for years, some even decades, working tirelessly to support people impacted by food insecurity and other issues. Although they have arguably come to symbolise resilience in the face of adversity, they are struggling to cope with huge increases in demand and rising food costs. An added strain on resources for many community projects is applying for funding, which is usually very time consuming and competitive.

This is why the Bristol Local Food Fund uses participatory grantmaking – so that the process is accessible and equitable for the people and communities that the fund seeks to support. As our society is set to keep facing new challenges, it is essential that we build community resilience from the ground up, which must include community decision making, participation and power sharing.

In 2024, Bristol Local Food Fund will continue with more rounds of fundraising and funding awards, aiming to raise and distribute £150,000. You can become a supporter of Bristol Local Food Fund here:

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