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Makes 10 breadsAllergens - wheat, dairy


•375g plain flour- white or wholemeal
• 30 grams butter
• 250 ml water
• 1 tsp salt
• 10 tsp oil (for frying)

“When you roll the paratha they look
a bit like ice cream cones or Christmas

What to do

• Put the flour into a mixing bowl.
• Put water with salt and butter into a small pan and bring the
mix to a boil.
• Pour most of the hot liquid into the flour mixing bowl.
• Carefully mix them using a wooden spoon. You might not need to use all
the water, you need just enough to make a soft dough, but add the extra if
need be.
• Leave the dough aside for 5 minutes, then knead it for few minutes until
smooth. Divide them into 10 small balls
• Using a rolling pin roll the balls into round discs about 15 to 20cm. Take
1tsp of oil and spread onto the disc.
• Cut each disc from the edge up to the middle and roll it over on itself to
make a triangle shape like a cone. Stand this upright. Press the dough
firmly flat with your hand and then let it rest for 15 minutes.
• Roll them flat once more and cook them in a little oil in a frying pan turning
once until both sides are cooked and golden brown.