The One City Approach to Covid-19

Video describing Bristol's One City approach to the Covid-19 food response.

Bristol’s Covid-19 Community Food Response

Feeding Bristol summary report of the Covid-19 community food response in Bristol during the first two months of lockdown in 2020.

COVID-19: Local Coordination Policy Brief

University of Bristol, BCC, and Feeding Bristol policy brief exploring the Covid-19 food response in Bristol.

Conference 2021 Session 1: Bristol’s immediate response to Covid-19

The immediate food response to the Covid-19 crisis

Conference 2021 Session 2: Reflecting on the emergency response

Reflections on the emergency response and Healthy Holidays

Conference 2021 Session 3: Moving on from the crisis

Moving on from the crisis - what happens next?

Conference 2021 Session 4: Building a better food system

In session 4, Feeding Bristol invited speakers to look at how we build on both what we have learnt and the foundations that have been established, to