Feeding Bristol: what we do

A short video exploring how Feeding Bristol work across the city.

The One City Approach to Covid-19

Video describing Bristol's One City approach to the Covid-19 food response.

Bristol’s Covid-19 Community Food Response

Feeding Bristol summary report of the Covid-19 community food response in Bristol during the first two months of lockdown in 2020.

COVID-19: Local Coordination Policy Brief

University of Bristol, BCC, and Feeding Bristol policy brief exploring the Covid-19 food response in Bristol.

Food Suppliers: A Feeding Britain Guide

A directory of food suppliers used by food support settings across the Feeding Britain network (February 2023).

Affordable Food Club Toolkit

'How to' guide for creating and developing an affordable food club - learnings from the Feeding Britain network (August 2022).

Family Action FOOD Clubs

Family Action FOOD (Food On Our Doorstep) Clubs are a type of food pantry operating across the city.

Conference 2021 Session 1: Bristol’s immediate response to Covid-19

The immediate food response to the Covid-19 crisis

Conference 2021 Session 2: Reflecting on the emergency response

Reflections on the emergency response and Healthy Holidays

Conference 2021 Session 3: Moving on from the crisis

Moving on from the crisis - what happens next?