About Us

How it Started

Feeding Bristol was founded in response to a statement made by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, when he said publicly “no child should go to school hungry”. In the summer of 2017 Feeding Bristol was launched.

Feeding Bristol gained charitable status on 19th March 2018, and is chaired by a Board with representatives from local businesses, food charities, local food growers and the local Council.

Working alongside the Board is the Stakeholder Engagement Group. This group is made up of key players from all sectors of the community. The SEG help facilitate engagement across Bristol by supporting the delivery of our five key priorities: Working to improve provision for those with Immediate need, increase the local community’s Food Skills, increase the Food Supply of good quality produce , and to work for Policy change that will help us see a zero-hunger Bristol.

 What We Do

Feeding Bristol is an umbrella organisation, which exists to influence the city, in order to see a zero hunger Bristol.  But what does that actually mean?  We long to see more effective and efficient long-term work to combat food poverty in Bristol.  But if we’re to see that, we know we can’t do it by ourselves.   We exist to kick start initiatives and projects that will help us see a zero hunger Bristol.  We love to build connections between organisations and individuals.  But what does that look like practically for us?



Healthy Holidays 2019

This summer we ran our first Healthy Holidays Project, which saw over 50,000 meals delivered in various ways to children and their families who were at risk of suffering from holiday hunger.  Whilst Feeding Bristol raised the funds for this to happen, it was FareShare South-West that provided the vast majority of the raw ingredients, alongside the massive job of sourcing, storing and delivering the food to all sorts of locations.  Zest Catering, did an incredible job of running a catering hub which prepared around 1,000 meals a day, for projects working with children and young people across the city.  It took an army of volunteers, provided by a large number of the city’s law firms and big businesses, who kindly gave us their CSR hours to, help prepare and deliver the food.  Alongside all that support, we also received food donations from a large number of catering companies and wholesalers.

 Alongside seeing the amazing provision for people in need, the highlight of the Healthy Holidays project was being able to see the city of Bristol come together in an incredible way, in order to build long-term solutions that will help us work toward a zero-hunger Bristol.