Our aim is to make Bristol a resilient and equitable food city. To achieve this, we work in different ways to influence and deliver change.

We provide a central point of contact for groups and organisations tackling issues around food insecurity and food inequality more broadly. We do this by providing support to help initiatives get started, upscale projects, and connect groups and resources to create lasting positive change.

We identify structural inequalities existing within our food system, and work collaboratively to find solutions. By working with communities, organisations, local government, and businesses – across multiple sectors – we help inform decision-makers, to ensure that existing and upcoming ventures and projects continue to work for the people of Bristol.

We empower people and communities through food education. By playing a key role in upskilling community food leaders and engaging our young people, we hope to encourage healthy food cultures.

Strategic Priorities

Identifying Need

Identifying Need

Working across the city with communities to identify groups and localities experiencing or at-risk of food insecurity and ensuring that provision matches the need.

Increasing Access

Increasing Access

Working to ensure that there is equity in how we access nutritious food across the city, regardless of locality, background or physical need.

Improving Education

Improving Education

Encouraging a more secure food culture, where people and communities have the confidence, skills and resources to grow, cook and eat healthy food.

Influencing Change

Influencing Change

Driving positive change by addressing root causes of food injustice and co-creating strategies to influence local and national policies.

Our Projects

Your Holiday Hub (YHH)

Your Holiday Hub is funded through the DfE’s ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ programme (HAF). It is a project that ensures children have access to food and activities over the school holidays. We work with partners including Bristol City Council, Playful Bristol, BAND, and FareShare SW to create a programme of food and activities to support families in the city.

The Children’s Kitchen (TCK)

The Children’s Kitchen is a city-wide project which focuses on encouraging children to explore, cook, grow and eat fresh food. Based in Bristol, the project is led by chef, Jo Ingleby, BBC Cook of the Year 2015. Working in areas most at-risk of food inequality, TCK aims to increase food skills and knowledge with children and their families, starting with the youngest children in Early Years settings, and older children as part of the ‘Your Holiday Hub’ project. Sessions empower children and families to explore food in an exciting and informal way, with opportunities to cook and grow food with guidance from TCK practitioners and supervising staff. 

Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan (FESAP)

Working in partnership with Bristol City Council, we have co-produced the One City Food Equality Strategy (2022-23) and the One City Food Equality Action Plan (2023-26). Over 80 different groups and organisations from across the city have informed this work, as well as people with lived experience of food inequality.

The aim of the FESAP is to strive for food equality for all residents of Bristol – empowering the city to take action and create positive change. This is a key way in which Bristol is working together for food justice.

Community Food Justice Network (CFJN)

We host quarterly network meetings to allow community groups and organisations working for food justice to come together, share, and discuss solutions to existing and upcoming issues.

The aim is to create greater collaboration and working practices across the city.

Bristol Local Food Fund (BLFF)

Bristol Local Food Fund is a voluntary project that raises and distributes funding to community food projects that are supporting food justice in Bristol. Feeding Bristol is a strategic partner overseeing the project.