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Feeding Bristol believe in working together for Food Justice

To celebrate and support the incredible work of individuals, groups, organisations and services, we’ve launched the Community Food Justice Network (FJN).

During the Covid-19 pandemic everyone had to find new ways of working, and in many ways, this brought the city together. Through this experience we learnt that collaboration and good communication are essential for tackling food insecurity and inequality in the city – and crucial for improving our food system. 

In order to support good communication in the city, the Community Food Justice Network hosts a forum every quarter, where people can come together to talk about their projects, raise concerns, and importantly, learn about how they can be involved in making Bristol a more just food city.

We want to encourage representation from a diverse group of organisations across the city. From community organisations and mutual aid groups, to the Universities, City Council and city-wide charities, as well as the food catering and hospitality sector. As such, there is an open invite to anybody that wishes to come along to the Community Food Justice Network or join the FJN mailing list.

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