Food Justice Fortnight 2023  

Food Justice Fortnight 2023, expanding on the previous year’s Food Justice Week, launched the One City Food Equality Action Plan. It also focused on addressing the rising cost-of-living crisis and its impact on food insecurity by emphasizing food as a tool for empowerment and community connection. The event included diverse activities such as cook-alongs, panel discussions, and workshops, allowing participants to share their perspectives on Food Justice. With the involvement of 18 organizations, 21 volunteers, 25 speakers, 23 chefs, and over 300 participants, the fortnight highlighted the importance of collaboration in tackling food inequality and showcased ongoing actions towards this goal. Read more about Food Justice Fortnight 2023 here.  

Food Justice Week 2022  

Food Justice Week 2022 was the first edition of this project and the platform for launching the One City Food Equality Strategy 2022-2032. Events took place in different areas of the city to introduce this piece of work, but also to ask Bristol residents how they thought this strategy could turn into an action plan. These conversations (and many others!) helped develop the One City Food Equality Action Plan 2023-36 which was launched a year later.