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Finding Solutions Together

We believe in working together for food justice.

To tackle rising food inequality in the city, we need good communication and collaboration on the ground. To help facilitate this, we provide support to community groups, connect resources and services, and continue to monitor food support across the city.

Providing support and advice

We work with community groups and organisations supporting people experiencing or at-risk of food inequality. When appropriate, we convene meetings to focus on specific issues, help develop and upscale projects, connect resources and organisations providing complementary support offers, and provide ongoing support and advice.

Building Resilience

We raise awareness of food inequality issues across the city, appealing to a variety of stakeholders to access funding and resources to help those working for food justice have greater impact and build long term sustainability. We attend a variety of meetings to ensure that food inequality is being discussed, and tackled, in different forums. This happens both at a local and national level, which enables us to share best practice and bring ideas and initiatives that can affect positive change into the city.

Monitoring Food Support

We work with other food infrastructure organisations in Bristol to monitor food support across the city. During the Covid-19 pandemic this involved a weekly review with key partners to ensure a streamlined response to crisis, however post-pandemic this has become a monthly strategic meeting to identify key concerns and co-create solutions.

Current infrastructure organisations include: FareShare South West; Bristol Food Network; Bristol City Council’s Public Health and Community Development Teams; Bristol Goods; Bristol food bank network (The Trussell Trust); Family Action FOOD Clubs.

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